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I'm his BABYDOLL, and he is my big strong Airman :)
Happily married Air Force wife to Atreo Cepeda. We've been bestfriends all throughout high school and finally after creating that inseparable bond he proposed to me! I know every woman believes their husband is the best, however he is the GREATEST man on the face of this earth! The greatest feeling is knowing that My family lives in America, and my husband DEFENDS it! I am definitely a proud wife! I am a full time working woman for Southern Nevada mental health court, student studying baking and patisseri at Le Cordon Bleu and a FULL TIME mommy! Yup! I'm a WONDER WOMAN at only 19! We have one beautiful baby girl who just turned one! And now another wonderful blessing on the way! What can I say, I love my life :)

Our families united, such a beautiful thing!
215937_207676555918331_100000279642292_7183879_196884740330846_100000279642292_6 BABYlove
426686_359739074045411_100000279642292_1 Our beautiful one year old baby girl
65818_332659080117567_100001204342238_10 My wonderful husband leaving for his training. I love you my big strong Airman :)
429288_357924644226854_100000279642292_1 My wonderful husband! :)
421536_361260783893240_100000279642292_1 Mommy and Daddy's little VALENTINE
385929_336931069659545_100000279642292_1560929_386900184662633_100000279642292_1 Oh we spoil her SILLY!
295253_396809793671672_100000279642292_1 BABY NUMBER 2! :D
563247_390790004273651_100000279642292_1 LaiLah saying hi to her new little brother or sister! :D

526940_393279017358083_100000279642292_1544777_393276167358368_100000279642292_1 Who says pregnant can't rock heels and a sexy dress! :D
(Outfit for my husbands BMT graduation)