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Age 29
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Due Nov 20, 2012 (boy)
I just got Married to my Best Friend, The Love of my Life!!!! I am now Mrs.McDowell!!!! My Husband means so much to me, I am a Wife now and My Entire Life has Changed for the Best!!!! We are expecting our first child around November 21st we are more then excited!!! There's nothing better then being in The Will Of God & I know that there are many Blessings coming Our Way!!!! Our Bond is so Strong not only with each other but with the Lord that we can't be touched!!!! The Most Important Person In My Life Is The Lord Jesus Christ!!! Jesus Is My God, My Best Friend, My Everything Without Him I Am Nothing!!! I'm A Down To Earth Female Please Don't Let This Pretty Face Fool You, I'm Not Afraid To Stand Up And Speak About What's Right Either!! I Am A Sweet Person and We All Fall Short Of The Glory Of God, Including Me!! Trust to me means EVERYTHING!!! Once You Break It, It's Almost Impossible to Get It Back although i am a very Forgiving Person. Keep It REAL with me and I'll Keep It Real With You. I Can't Stand Liars Either!!! I Am Trying To Better Myself To Become More Like A Child Of God Each Day, With God All Things Are Possible!!! <3 Love Is One Of God's Greatest Commandments To Love One Another Just Like He Has Loved Us, Jesus Died For You Why Not Live For Him? <3 I am on the right Track and I am Preparing myself in the Word and Drawing Closer to the Lord in order to defeat the devil's plan's. No one can stop me from the Path That God has already created!!!!! May God Bless You!!!!!!!