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Age 23
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Location Gloversville, New York
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Hi, my name is Natasha. I was born November 9th. I was born and raised in Gloversville, NY. I am with a wonderful fiance for 5 years. Been together since July 20, 2007! .We had our first child on October 24th & her name is Isabella. We're getting married this summer, so I'm so excited. My fiance's grandparents are so supportive. And they care a lot about me and their great grand baby. I have 1 cat. I had to put my cat Mittens to sleep because of the baby. She was mean and I didn't want her to hurt the baby. My other cat is Kitty and shes just turned 1 in August. Kitty looks just like Mittens, which is so weird and there not even from the same mom or dad. I'm not working right now, I was working at Exel but i got laid off twice. I'm fun to be around and sometimes crazy. I have bad anger problems but I try to not get so angry at times. And I don't know what else to say about my self, except I'm happy of who i am and who I'm with. =]