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i am an outgoing female my life is kinda hectic i dont get much time to do alot because i am a single mother of three beautiful kids arianna, lynadia, and chrisjon they are my everything. i do like to go out and relax have fun you know and i am a ery faithfull friend so not trying to be cocky but anyone would be lucky to have me as their friend...

i love poetry, singing, and drawing here is a poem i wrote a while ago......

The Birth Of A Beautiful Baby A Precious Gift. The Soft Gentle Yet Soothing Smell After Each & Every Lift. Days Go Past, AS You Sit Back In Your Chair Wishing This Moment Could Last.Unaware Getting Older Your Baby Grows In Front Of Your Eyes. Each Day You Tell Yourself Them Same Little White Lies. She Will Never Change. Then Sooner Then You Know Your Life Starts To Rearrange. She Starts To Play,Smile,Eat,& Even Walk. After A while Potty Trained &Learns To Talk. Soon You Notice The Time Has Passed. What happen How Is The Moment Gone Gone So Fast. ~MotherHood~ Pre-K Through KindergardenYears Fly By. As You Notice You Start To Lay Back & Cry. First through Fifth She Grows Before You. Praying To God Please Help Tell Me What To Do. First Date, First kiss, All Things I Went through. But Now That I Am A Mother I dont Know What to do. Middle School Through Highschool She Grows Like A Weed. Each Day Its YOu Se Will Less Likely Need. A Lullaby, A Hug, Or Even A Kiss Goodnight, Them Nights Are Gone Now It doesnt Seem Right. Now She Has Her OWn Babies & She Doesnt Know What To Do Then I sit Back In My Chair & Realize She Needs Me More Then I Knew!!!!!!!!!!