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I'm married and a father to a little girl whom is 2yrs old, and I wouldn't trade for the world. The journey though my wife's pregnancy was rough, but it wasn't my 1st experience of being there for someone through a pregnancy. Many of my friends are starting families or expecting more, and it's nice to be able to offer advice or help out.

My first experience with pregnancy started when best friend in high school got pregnant and the father left her. I helped with all the support I could give her at the time. I was with her when she told her parents, at her 1st dr appointment, when she found out it was twins, and her labor coach in the delivery room. Of course I helped with everything in between.

I know a pregnancy isn't easy, and neither is becoming a mom. It's most definitely not a time to be alone. You might not be alone, but its nice to have someone else to chat with.