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Age 35
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Due Sep 27, 2012
I am fed up with being ' the quiet one' so from now on if you do something I'm just gonna tell you straight.
I have 3 step children Kirsty 12, Ryan10, and liam 9, who I love to bits

I work in a private day nursery where I have been there for 7 years.Worked in the baby unit then moved over to work wth the toddlers. I am quite down to earth and sometimes won't say if something is bothering me, I am a shy person and quiet but once people get to know me that changes you can't keep me quiet.I enjoy my job and it keeps me busy.
I have quite a few friends, but I hate people who lie bout things that just makes the situation ten times worse, if you don't like me tell me to my face coz gossiping about me behind my back is not nice and won't help the situation. I hate people who don't act there age I think it is quite disrespective. Treat me how you would want to be treated with respect, and we will get on just fine.