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I love God, I love my family, I love shopping, I love making new friends, I love hanging out with friends new and old, I love going on family vacations, I love lazy family days at home, I love swimming, I love dancing, I love going on dates with my husband, I love playing video games with my Drew, I love going shopping with Kylie, I love spending time with extended family, I love road trips, I love going to winery's, I love going to the lake, I love boat rides, I love Sammy Hagar, I love going to concerts, I love watching the sunset, I love being in the ocean and on the beach, I love watching my kids grow up, I love my daddy and my sister, I love my job, I love getting pedicures and manicures, I love drinking water, I love watching my daughter do pageants, I love watching my kids play sports, I love hugging and kissing my kids goodnight every night, I love to wear flip flops, I love wearing blue jeans and t shirts, I love doing communtiy services with my family, I love helping others, I love sweet tea, I love playing on the internet, I LOVE LOVE LOVE pictures and scrapbooking, I love to bake, and most of all I love how blessed I am by God to be able to do and love all the above.♥