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I'm Marlee and I just had my first baby. I've been dating the father since March 31, 2011. He is a strong supporting man who has always been here for me and I'm proud to say that he is the father of my child.
Although I am 19, please don't discriminate against me or judge me. I would never do that to anyone and would expect people to be respectful enough not to do it to me. With that said, I am excited to ask questions and learn things through this website. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

4/15/12- I've been feeling like crap for a little over a week now. A huuuge migraine and constantly having acid problems. Hmm.... Period is supposed to have started by now.....Little spotting... :/
4/16/12- Sweety, can we go to the grocery store... I think we need to get a couple "tests"
4/17/12- Two "pee-sticks" and one cup full of pee later and its true... I'm due Dec 13!!! Dr. told me to start prenatal vitamins and find myself an OB. Oh, and to stop taking my antidepressants, stop smoking, and stop drinking caffeine. Yeah, fun....Only smoked 4 today (usually I go through 6-11).
4/18/12- Bought first prenatal vitamins (damn those boogers ain't cheap! They better work!!!) Only 3 smokes today. Signed up for food stamps and medicare.
4/19/12- Picked up my food stamp card after being approved for them and medicare. I also set up an appointment on the 14th with an OB. Came across baby-gaga.com and I figured to start my own little pregnancy journal. Lol This is a little silly I guess. Two smokes so far and its 7:54pm.
5/1/12- Well, I can officially say that I hate stretch marks, blue veined breasts, constipation, mood swings, smells, food aversions, and peeing... ALL THE TIME. I'm starting to wonder if I'm sporting more than one kiddo. My belly is bigger than usual (granted I know I'm bloated and over weight in the first place) and I already have stretch marks around my belly button. Yesterday wasn't fun. Went to my psychologist and he shared the lovely news that I have a 70% chance of postpartum depression. I've also been having some seriously weird dreams (dinosaur attacks, rivers turning into oceans, smoking weed--something I've NEVER done, intensely sexual dreams, and who knows what else) and have woken up my boyfriend on multiple occasions with my angry yelling. Yeesh.... I've definitely got all the fun little symptoms. Smoking has slowed down a lot as well. I think on good days I'm at 1 a day. Yesterday... well that was a 3 smoke day.... I hate psych doctors of any sort. Hmmm I think that is a good enough update for today. (figured I should catch up a little)
5/14/12 First trip to the women's health center. Didn't get to try out the doppler, but I did get to do a crap load of paperwork and lab work. I came out of the chair whiter than a ghost after all that blood taking.
5/17/12 FIRST TRIP TO THE OBGYN/ULTRASOUND & SONO!!!! UPDATES LATER!!!!!--Sono went great :) baby was only two days under size, but it's little heart was fluttering at 165-170bpm. My grandma sort of ticked me off by inviting herself into the room when the baby's daddy showed up from work.... Other than her standing over me and making me feel uncomfortable, it was great seeing my little bean wiggle and wave at me. -sigh- :)
6/3/12 Just got home from my sister's graduation. 12 hour drives suck. Start work at nine in the morning... annnd its ten pm now. Visiting family after telling them I was pregnant was interesting/awkward/nice.... I am so thankful to have both my parents and his parents support. I'm supposed to have an appointment on the sixth. Hopefully I won't have to miss work... but who knows how that will work. Time for bed. ZzZzzZzz

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Lilly born 12/6/12 @7:19pm 20.5" 8lbs 5oz