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im 16 years of age' i will be 17 years of age on 08.08.1995' im young but i have all the support that i need to take care of my son. The father is in my life &'d his sons life. he does everything for me and he is always there. we have been dating for six years and we will be getting married next year. He gets outta school on june 2nd 2012! he is a amazing guy &'d his name is Tyler and he is 17 years of age ! i only have one more year of school &'d i plan on going to college after i get out of school so that my son can have the best life ever. im really 19 weeks now' i made 19weeks on april-20th-2012 ' i was 18.4 weeks on april-17th-2012 which is what my doctor told me ! im blessed and i know it, my mom was upset at first but now she is so happy that she is going to have her first grandson ! she supports me &'d does everything for me ! i have a wonderful family and i wouldnt change it for nothing in this world. God has blessed my life so much ! i will praise him Forever. I'm so ready to see (Tylen) which is my sons name :) i know he is going to put a smile on my face because he is not even here yet and he does already when he kicks or moves ! Momma &'d Daddy Love's you to death Tylen :)