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Im 29, and after my birthday March 16th ,this year,I said If Im ever gonna have another child its gonna be before Im 30! :) Well, let me tell you my pregnacy past.My daughter who is 91/2 gonning on 16, was born 2 months premature,luckily they stopped my labor for a week and were able to give me the steriod shots to make her lung develop faster, I was in bed w/ a cath. for 7 days,my labor had stopped on it own now w/o any meds being taken. So I said IM going home , I couldnt even barly walk when i finally got out of the bed! It was horrible, no one like to be in the hosp.So it was a Friday I was released, and Saterday morning i was having contractions, I DID NOT want to go back to the hosp!! Mind you I was still only 19!So I waited till I couldnt wait NO MORE and went to the childerns hosp that use to be part of Northside, in about 20 min I delivered a healthly, crying, breathing on her own, beautiful baby girl!! She weighed 3lbs 5 oz, and was taken to the NEONATAL CARE UNIT, she was a blessing, she only was in the Hosp. because premies dont have the s*****g reflex yet so she was the for a month . I was ther everyday ,but It didnt feel the same and wasnt what anyone plans there end of birh would be like , I WAS THE HARDEST THING TO LEAVE HER @ THE HOSP!!!!! But she came home on Halloween 2002,still a month before my due date:)Then about 2-3 yrs later,we tried to have another baby and it ended up in misscarrige:( I was devistated, So four yrs of TRYING and nothing happening we started loosing hope, But then 20011 I got preg. AGAIN!:) This time I was given shots weekly to thicken my uterus, and was considered HIGH RISK and got put on bed rest @ 5 months, THAT WAS A HARD CHALLEGE TOO!then about 7 months i had to get weekly stress test and I think they had given me the steriod shot for his lungs also.But Jonathan was born happy ,healthy at 37 weeks, i dont know If I could carry any longer than that! Im a small person!He weighed 5lbs 12 oz. NOW I havent been on ANY birthcontroll since I was like 18!!,and Jonatahn will be 5 in June.So like my storey stared out ...ILL NEVER HAVE A BABY AFTER IM 30!!!Well we both said lets try and , then i get a baby registry in the mail, 2 people said i looked preg, and i felt pregnant,SO...........I took a taest and the positive was up before the negative! :) Its so weid how GOD works!! ALL THESE YRS NOTHING HAPPENED THEN ONE TIME was all it took!! I believe GOD has reasons for everything! And this baby is seriuously a gift from GOD!!!! I hope its a boy ;) Im 8weeks on monday!:)
If anyone has any questions about thingd your going thru that ive been thru dont be afaid to ask!!!