Nikki Hanley 4 Posts | Joined BG: Apr 21, 2012 Last Visit: 4 years ago
Age 26
Gender Unspecified
Status In a Relationship
Location Australia
Due Oct 14, 2012 (twins)
I smoke
I work hard and never bludge or let my mind idle.
I love to dance and tease.
I have nothing to hide and dont care what anyone else thinks.
I'm extremely intelligent.
I never back down from a fight
I'm a fiercely loyal friend and i'll jump in to something if it means defending someone i care about.
I love my family more than anything, that excludes my estranged mother.
I have a great sense of humour and i can find the cynicism in anything.
I am a submissive but can be provoked into agressive behaviour.
I have a Minx to my Monique and my friend Trouble follows me everywhere cause He's good at that.
I spank my muse every chance I get and she loves a good flogging just like me. ;)
My favourite food is roast pumpkin.
My favourite alcohol is Jagarmeister.
I've never been spoilt in my whole life, I think my head would cave in if I was.
I love my boyfriend James and adore his daughter Izabella!
We'll soon be engaged and we're currently expecting our first...two! That's right, we're having twins! :D