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Due Oct 25, 2012
this will be my first child. I am due October 26th and i am having a girl! Her name is Kayelee Delight. i know a lot of women dont understand these "unique" or "weird" spelling but i chose to spell her name this way bc my father and grandpa's middle names are Kaye, and my mother and other grandpa's middle name is Lee and thats how i got KayeLee <3 also the middle name Delight is after my aunt tracy bc she has helped me so much growing up and thru college and now that im pregnant.

i am a "plus-sized" preggo, and infact i am doing very well, i have lost +20lbs NOT BY DIETING, but i completely cut out soda pop, and i rarely eat chips and i have never liked sweets well. it seemed to just start falling off :]

I have PCOS and so i really didnt think i could get pregnant, so this was a surprise pregnancy, but me and my fiance are very excited for our bundle of joy to arrive :]