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After ttc for only a month we found out I was pregnant. It's been a pretty long time sense I did an update. And well.. We had a beautiful baby girl July 14 2015 at only 38 weeks 2 days we welcomed Everett Sarah Marie via c section. (He was butt down) 


where do i even start with updates lol as of right now i am 21 years old. after my son turned 3 months old i started school again and graduated. it was crazy leaving my son for so long. after graduation i have to this day still have no idea what i want to be, besides a mommy. me and my BD are broken up. he hasnt seen my son in almost 2 years.. my son is only 2 years old.. it has been hard in so many ways. after looking.. i found this AMAZING man he has changed my life and my sons. He has a son of his own that he gets every other weekend and any days off he has. we can have him over night when we want. he is an amazing dad. after talking about it we have decided that maybe it is time to make our family really come together with a baby of our own :) 

my amazing boyfriend and son :3


my Boyfriend and his 4 year old son


us together <3 cant wait to start our own family <3



At 18 i never expected to find myself pregnant.. there were so many signs but i just thought it was my period coming.. then i was 2 days late and it has never been on time, however; i still never thought anything of it.. i was at Tim Hortons with my BD and 2 friends when one of my friends asked me " will you take a PT with me i dont care if your on you period i just dont want to take one alone.. " when i took the test my hole world changed before i could even pull my pants up. i walked out of the bathroom and told my BD and he didnt want to believe it until i took another one. so i did and the same thing happened. at 19 im going to have the biggest responsibly of my life.. i always wanted to be a young mother but i was thinking more like 25.. i was mad at myself and scared of what my mom and dad would think. now i wouldnt change the world i know its gonna be hard going back to school with a young child but i have the best parents anyone could ask for.

* UPDATE !!! *

I finally did it. i graduated with a 7 month old. as of June 13th 2013 i am a high school graduate !


A couple hours old <3

I stared labor on November 12th 2012 at 8 am. i had no idea what was going on, because the pain wasnt bad and was barely noticeable. i was also only 38 weeks the next day (November 13th) around 4:30 i told my dad i wanted to go to the hospital because i didnt feel right. still i had no idea i was in labor because i wasnt in pain. we got to the hospital around 5 pm. they checked me and i was 5 cm dialted and my water was gonna brake at any time. they broke my water when i was 8.5 cm. i had him at 4:17AM November 14th with no meds really because they didnt work at all. 7lb 15oz 21inchs long <3

The doctors where surprised when i told them i was only 38weeks. turns out i was actually over due by a couple of day !

1 month old <3

2 months old and teething !

my baby boy at 7 months. he now crwals and says 10+ words ! its crazy !