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At 18 i never expected to find myself pregnant.. there were so many signs but i just thought it was my period coming.. then i was 2 days late and it has never been on time, however; i still never thought anything of it.. i was at Tim Hortons with my BD and 2 friends when one of my friends asked me " will you take a PT with me i dont care if your on you period i just dont want to take one alone.. " when i took the test my hole world changed before i could even pull my pants up. i walked out of the bathroom and told my BD and he didnt want to believe it until i took another one. so i did and the same thing happened. at 19 im going to have the biggest responsibly of my life.. i always wanted to be a young mother but i was thinking more like 25.. i was mad at myself and scared of what my mom and dad would think. now i wouldnt change the world i know its gonna be hard going back to school with a young child but i have the best parents anyone could ask for.

* UPDATE !!! *
I finally did it. i graduated with a 7 month old. as of June 13th 2013 i am a high school graduate !

A couple hours old <3

I stared labor on November 12th 2012 at 8 am. i had no idea what was going on, because the pain wasnt bad and was barely noticeable. i was also only 38 weeks the next day (November 13th) around 4:30 i told my dad i wanted to go to the hospital because i didnt feel right. still i had no idea i was in labor because i wasnt in pain. we got to the hospital around 5 pm. they checked me and i was 5 cm dialted and my water was gonna brake at any time. they broke my water when i was 8.5 cm. i had him at 4:17AM November 14th with no meds really because they didnt work at all. 7lb 15oz 21inchs long <3
The doctors where surprised when i told them i was only 38weeks. turns out i was actually over due by a couple of day !

1 month old <3

2 months old and teething !

my baby boy at 7 months. he now crwals and says 10+ words ! its crazy !