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"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir


...is 21.

...loves Adam Michael Langston. He is the cheese to her macaroni, as they say. They got hitched on September 19, 2009. (HA! 9-19-09....I knew there was a reason I was enjoying all the nines....heh. You could ask me about it but you'd probably think I'm crazy...so...)

...favorite band is The Beatles. She became acquainted with them in the final days of 2003...and it's been a fantastic ride. Thanks, boys. :)

...tries to do the right thing but sometimes fails miserably.

…went to Indiana Wesleyan University for two years….which she did NOT enjoy. She made some great friends and had some OK times, but God called her to a different school and she totally pulled a Jonah by running in another direction.

...enjoys politics & loves listening to talk radio (WOWO).

...is a “leader” at Mt. Hope Naz & Geneva Naz youth groups. She kinda loves hanging out with crazy youth!

...heart has a home in Boone, North Carolina & the Blue Ridge Mountains [John Denver is a tremendous help, even though he was more into West Virginia & Colorado...it's OK. Mountains are mountains, no?]. We think lots about the mountains and are praying that God opens the doors for us to live there one day!

...can't wait to have some kiddos to give some sweet names (Our first son has a name already- Dylan Robert Ivan Langston. Dylan Robert after Bobby D (heh! take that!) and Ivan after my Grandpa Steury who passed away in 1997.) and wants to adopt or be a foster parent someday.

...is working on re-prioritizing her life. Rough, but totally worth it!

...has Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder. What's that, you ask? Send me a message & we'll discuss...don't bother with Google because all CF stories are different!