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24 years old and a mother to a beautiful smart 3 year old baby girl and a new bundle of Joy on the way due in November. I have an amazing husband which i have been with for 8 wonderful years and married for 4 fantastic years.. I have the most perfect life anyone could ask for. I couldn't dream of anything better.

Now i guess a little about me, well god broke the mold when he made me... i am one of a kind. i work for Child Care Unilimited with the infants and toddler preschool classes, it is a demanding job but the rewards are endless. I am hoping to go back to school this fall to be a STNA and then LPN. I want to make life better for my family and be able to buy everything my children could ever want. I want to own my own peice of this earth with lots of acres and lots of farm animals. I married my high school sweetheart and i havent regreated any of it. Without him i would be a hot mess. My heart and life is full but I want another baby someday (hopefully a boy). My family is my life, without them i would be nothing. Sometimes i cry for no reason, yell at no one, and talk to myself. I dance when no one is looking, and pretend i dont like cartoons but i really do. I have the best hobby ever, I make bows for mostly little girls but big girls too. I am making a website and business to sell them, my business will be called 1.6.9 Bows after my daughter. I recently found out i love doing yard work and gardening.I love fishing, music, and being a mommy.I love going to the zoo, and taking walks in the woods I hate cleaning, doing laundry, and doing dishes.house works sucks but i do my best work after midnight. I write my feeling down and give them to people because i find people listen better when you write them. I have A brother and 2 Sisters, Jeremiah,Tanya, and Chrystal. I really need to spend more time with them but i probably never will. I guess that is it but if you want to know anything else just ask...i will tell you what you want to know....