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My name is Diane and I'm a wife, mommy, and most importantly follower of Christ. I am shy at first until you get to know me and then you cant shut me up, I am opinionated about very few things but those few things i feel very strongly about lol. I also love anything pink, disney world, white mochas from starbucks, texas roadhouse rolls, the fabulous Gators, Brad Pitt in Troy, my precious baby boy Brantley, having my hair played with, singing in the car loudly with the windows rolled down, the beach at night, smores, coke in a glass bottle, Edward, Mr. Darcy (I wish he was real), anything from the 80's particularly the movies, clothes and music, tattoos, and reading a great book.
That's pretty much me in a nutshell if you want to know anything else just ask =)