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Due Dec 17, 2012
Surprised and excited to be a new mom again. Hopeful for a girl with two boys already but healthy works too. We are all so excited to add to our family! My step son is 10 and is a big help but apprehensive about another sibling to pester him. My youngest is 4 and turning 5 and starting Kindergarten when our new addition is due. Did I fail to mention that he is hell on wheels? This is going to be my last baby because my husband and I want to be young enough to enjoy and then have a little time together after. Secret: scared of having twins. :shock: My husband is a twin and his brother has a set not to mention several of my cousins have twins too. Eeek! This is my second time around and my lifestyle is more secure this time and I feel like Im going in with my eyes wide open like an old battle veteran. My first prgnancy and delivery was a little less than enjoyable :? I feel different this time, better than last time (Hopefully a sign of a girl). Im praying that everything goes okay and I can also be one of those blissful women that can say, "I loved being pregnant!!!" <-------Not going to lie, I hate those women! Anyways.....since Ive been through it before and have a bit of medical knowledge, Id be happy to give any unwanted or wanted advise to any expectant mommies in need in exchange for some positive pregger re-enforcement. :D:D:D