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Age 25
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Due Dec 16, 2012
About Mommy:
Name: Emma
Age: 21
First child? Yes!

About Daddy:
Name: Louis
Age: 20
First child? yes.

Finding out:
What day did you find out? 15th April 2012
How did you feel when you found out? oh my god what have i done!
Who was with you? i was on my own then burst into my mums room in tears
Who was the first person you told? My mum.
How did the daddy react? terrified asked how did i know.

Telling the parents:
How did your parents react? mum, shocked, but supported me, dad didnt speak to me for a few days then said it better be a boy so we can take him to football!
Hw did his parents react? his mum was over the moon! not sure about his dad
Are they helping with baby names? nope just my decision, i downloaded a book but got bored of it!
Have they bought anything for the baby yet? it has a moses basket (2) and possibly a picture fall the wall if its a girl!
How often do they call to check on you? i have fallen out with the father but i have moved back in with parents as been poorly .

About the pregnancy:
When was your first appointment? May 22nd 2012
When is your due date? December 21st 2012
How far along are you? 10weeks and 3days.
Pre-pregnancy weight? 11stone
Weight now? i dont want to check as all im doing is eating!
Have you had an ultrasound? yes 3 so far as i have been very ill!
Have you heard the heartbeat? no not yet but cant wait

Sex of the baby:
What do you want? A girl but i have this feeling its going to be a boy
Wat does the daddy want? he wanted a boy then he started calling my tummy a girl and she, so he wants a girl but is scared when she gets to the age of boyfriends!
What do you think your having? a boy.
Have you had your big ultrasound yet? nope but really cant wait

About the birth:
Do you know what you are taking with you? the ex is insisting he is there but he lives no where near me and has no car!
Who is going to be with you? when im in pain i get into arguments with my mum so probably the ex so i can shout at him!
Are you going to videotape it? No.
Natural or medicated? i tried having a spinal tap the other day and chickened out so its all natural!
Do you think you will need a c-section? i hope not as i have problems with my tummy which means having a c-section means having a operation a few weeks later
Will you cry when you hold your baby for the first time? probably im a wreck already!
Are you scared about the labor? i really cant see something that big coming out something so small!

Do you have a name picked out? girl : Fiona boy: Dylan .
Is your baby going to be named after someone? nope they will probably change !

Other random questions:
Where was your baby conceived? i have no idea think in the bed.
Have you felt the baby move? no not yet.
What ethnicity will your baby be? white.
Do you have stretch marks? No, not yet.
What was your first symptom? i had just had my tonsilies out and broke down in tears because my mum was going to my grandads and the bf at the time was going to a theme park without me!
What religion will the baby know? the babies father is atheist but i would like it christened so get ready for fireworks!
What music or interest do you want the baby to know? as soon as it can sit up it is going on a horse ! other than that its up to the little baby
Will your baby have godparents? yes i have got the god mother ready but i have not asked her yet but i have no idea about the god father, probably the ladies partner.