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My name is Kathryn Sylvia, but i go my Kaytee. I'm finally with the man of my dreams for the past 1 years its like a dream come true how a summer fling can turn into something serious, I have the most beautiful bby girl Carleigh Ann & shes my world. :)

If your coming to my page to start drama i would advise you to click the home button at the top left of my page, && Kick rocks! thank you :]

Kathryn Noelle Sylvia

I Am Who I Am Take It Or Leave It, Its Up To You. Judge Me. It Shows I'm Better Than You. I'm The Coolest Dork U'll Ever Meet And I'm A Proud Mom Of The Most Beautiful Baby Girl In The World. I Wouldn't Trade Her For Anything. Shes My World. I Really Dont Care What U Think About Me. I Am Who I Am Flaws And All. I Change My Hair More 0ften Than I Change My Mind. I Rock That SoCal BBy! I have goals, I know how to achieve them, and I WILL. I'm Going Threw Some Major Changes In My Life To Better Myself For My Daugher. It's Going To Take Time & Its Going To Be Hard But I'm Working Up To Who I Wanna Be And I Know I Can Do It. I'm Going To Meet New People, Get A Good Job And Get Back In School. Get On My Own Two Feet And Become The Independent, Strong Women And Mother I Know I Can Be. I Never Knew How Strong I Was Until Being Strong Was The Only Choice I Had. I've Been Threw A Lot Of Hardships In The Short Time I've Been Alive, Which Is Why I've Decided To Take A Step Back Look At My Life, Realized I Was Going No Where Fast And Decided To Change. I Know That I'm Stronger Than People Think And When I Change I'm Going To Throw It In Everyones Face Who Told Me I Couldnt Do It. I'll Fall In Love With Whomever God Chooses For Me. I've Probley Been There & Done That. I'll Tell U The Harsh, Honest, Unlaltered Truth. I Dont Like Being Wrong, I'm A Huge Procrastonater. I Make Up Excuses For Everything And I Dont Like Being Ignored. I'm The Kinda Girl That Can Be So Hurt But Still Look At You And Smile, The Type Of Girl Who Is Willing To Brighten Your Day Even If I Cant Brighten My Own. I Have A Few GOOD Friends And If I'm Not Mistaken I Do Believe My Friends Are Utterly Amazing. I'd Do Anything For My Friends And Family And Never Think Twice About It, And Thats Probley My Biggest Flaw.