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Love, like a river, will cut a new path
whenever it meets an obstacle.

32 yr old mother of 3 gals

Sabrina was born at 34w 5d via induction she was perfect at 6lb 8oz and 19.5inches long. She was induced after failing a BIO physical profile with a score of 1 out of 8. I was in PTL since 21wks, after weeks of medications, bedrest etc. It was her time. I walked into the hospital at 1pm at 4cm and 90% effaced, they broke my water around 2pm, then pitocin started around 230-3pm, Sabrina was here 6:17pm! Who says 1st labors are LONG :)

Crystal was born at 32w via emergency c-section, don't remember it I was placed under general because of the severity of my blood pressure (347/252). After lil over 2w in the hospital she came home to Chris, Bean and I at 4lb15oz 18in long :) I was diagnosed with Severe Pre-E and Class 1 HELLP Syndrome. Her biggest issue is GERD (reflux) that still plagues her but doesn't hold her back from eating whatever she wants. She has tubes (4 times) because of the GERD, had her tonsils, and adenoids removed also. She has had countless ph probes, endoscopes, upper gi's scanti scans, xrays etc. She has severe asthma which they are also linking with the reflux at this stage in life but controlled with medications. She catches upper resp stuff easily but from what could have happened SHES GREAT!!!

Calleigh came into the world at 29 weeks (or 28w 5d) on January 1, 2009 1516 grams and 15inches long. Emergency C-section after 3 days in the hospital, again, Severe Pre-E and Class 1 HELLP Syndrome. After 7 weeks in the NICU, Calleigh was released but after 3 short days home returned for another week in Childrens Hospital. She came home at 4lb and 16in long :) Calleigh is our miracle in 1 way or another, she was the baby they said we'd never have with out fertility meds, just shows you God's plan isn't always the same as YOUR plan. She is doing so well and meeting most milestones to her corrected age, minus speech and sensory (pica'ish and lack of feeling). She recieves early intervention services to aide in her continual treatment and growth in her development. Shes a trooper :) Calleigh like Crystal, catches upper resp junk very easily, she is felt to have asthma also but way to young to diagnose.

Chris and I met at work, long ago. We have had ups and downs. If we remember the one thing that holds us together, LOVE we will get thru all the storms. No matter what he is a good friend, and great father!

Now we are a party of FIVE, soon to be SIX!!!!

My family comes first and foremost, always has, always will. When its threatened, watch out!

I put them above all things and that will NEVER change :)

I have strong OPINIONS and BELIEFS but am open to hear what you have to say but ask me to lie, forget it. You ask something I give my honest answer can't handle that DELETE ME NOW!

I love my life and I love my job. Is it perfect? NOPE!
Do we have problems? Bet your A$$ we do, anyone who says they don't is lying!
Would I trade it for the world? NO, NEVER!!!