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about my new family ;

my name is kaay. im engaged to a wonderful man named curtis, although the father of my baby. atm i am 25 weeks pregnant to a beautiful girl named sophia rose !

Name: kaay
Age: 19
Is this the first child?: to give birth too.

Name: curtis
Age: 23
Is this the first child?: Yes

1. What day did you find out you were pregnant?: uhmmmm.... april something?
2. How did you feel when you found out?: super happy;
3. Who was with you? I was alone but then immediately called my boyfriend.
4. How did the daddy react?: hes so incredibly happy xo

1. How did your parents react?: My Mom was kinda upset but shes supportive and My Dad was really really excited.
2. How did his parents react?: so incredibly happy. bought lots of baby stuff xo
3. How often do they call to check on you?: i live here.

1. When is your due date?:December 16 ,
2. How far along are you right now?: 25 weeks
3. Have you had an ultra sound?: Yes(: it was the most amazing thing ever(:
4. Have you heard the heartbeat?: No I haven't heard it yet but I could see the heart beat when I had my ultrasound, I should hear the heart beat at my next appointment.

1. What do you want. Boy or Girl?: A Girl!!!(:
2. Do you know what you are having now?: No in a few weeks xoxo
3. Are you happy with what you are having?: I will be happy with whatever cause its my baby and I just want it to be healthy(:

1. Who is going to be with you?: My Boyfriend/Baby Daddy.
2. Are you going to video tape?: naaah.
3. Natural or Medicated?: i want to go natural, but we will see on the pain xo
4. Do you think you will have a c-section?: i dont want one.
5. Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?: Yes I know I will
6. Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it?: I will kiss them on their head and tell them that I love them soo much and always will and you are the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen(: I can't wait!
7. Are you scared about the labor? Yes a little bit but I have to think of it as not pain and that I am doing my job to get this baby out and it will be so worth it in the end(:

1. Do you have a name picked out?: Sophia rose rolfe for a Girl, Noah Adrian rolfe for a Boy(:
2. Is your baby going to be named after anyone?: No just love these names(:
3. Did the daddy help pick the name?: yes xo

1. Where was your baby conceived?:home bound xo
2. Have you felt the baby move?: No I think I have felt flutters but I am still not that far along to feel it, I should start being able to feel it move in the next few weeks.
3. What was your first symptom?: cravings and my b**bs hurt xo
4. Will you have Godparents?: Yes (:
5. What will the baby's race be ?: Caucasian.
6. What is the babys room theme?: pooh bear xo
7. Are you ready to be a mommy?: Yes(: very!

love my munchkin xo