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Hello. My name is Rebecca. My friends call me Becky or short shit. and heres my story...

My boy friend and I got together on April 8, 2007. We have been living together for almost 5 years but we've been together for almost 6 years. About 3 and a half years into our relationship, we started talking about starting a family but we wanted to wait til the time was right.
The entire time I was on my birth control, i've had nothing but problems. So we decided together, about 10 months ago that I should get off birth control and we figure everything out. Well, as im sure you know, lol, we decided to have a baby. we werent trying. we just werent preventing. six months down the road, I took a prego test bc my period was almost 3 weeks late. It came out negative. I waited another week and took another one bc my period still had not come. It came out positive before I could even pull my pants up. lol.