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to love one forever it not as hard as it seems.....but to make someone love you forever is way to hard!!!!!you should really think about who you love and why you love them.....and never forget that u have to love yourself befor u can love another!!!

well i am 25 years old.. I have a 8 yeah old daughter that i love so much her name is kylie i am also gonna be having a other baby in Oct of this year and i can't wait.i live in st charles and always have....i love to hang out with my family and friends....i love to learn how to do anything new....i love to party and party more haha well that's on a hold for now!!...i love to live life to the fullest...i will almost try anything once!!!....i love to make people happy when they r having a bad day....but I also love to make some people have a bad day man that's so mean haha!!! Thats me and if ya dont like it then f**k off....who cant love this haha!?!?!?