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Hey, what's up? I'm Megz, Meg, or Megan. I really don't care what you call me as long as you don't call me late for dinner.. Lol.. Yes, I am a fat kid and I am a big girl and proud of it but over the past couple of years I have gotten a little too big for my liking so I'm working on losing a bit of weight. I'm pretty down to earth and wicked cool if you ask me.. I can be a little rambunxious a lot of the time, but that is how I live my life for the most part. I am a bi polar b***h:) you love it! I'm also bisexual and very proud of it. I was adopted by a lesbian couple when I was 16. My moms mean the world to me and more, although we have grown apart over the years a lot. I will always love them. I have three sisters, Jessica, Heather, and Lilly. I also have a brother, TJ, haven't seen him since I was six years old. I have a HUGE biological family... My biological parents passed away when I was 12 and 13. I was always a daddy's girl. My Nana was my hero in my life. I am also a juggalette. I'ma be down with the clown til i'm dead in the ground. the Dark Carnival is the way of life for me.. I love all my wikkid family.