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DEAR GOD, I refuse to compromise my FAITH and our RELATIONSHIP...

This journey called life has been very interesting so far. I've had many successes and many downfalls, but through it all I've remained faithful. I've grown up not only in my body, but in my mind and soul. Marriage has taught me a lot about myself. To those who I've hurt in the pass I'm sorry for the intentional and unintentional pain I caused. I hope that you could forgive me one day. To my family, I’m sorry for shutting you out when all you wanted was to be let in. To my friends, I’m sorry for judging when I should have loved you. To my enemies I’m sorry for beating you down with my words and my hands. To myself, I’m sorry for holding you back, keeping you down, not loving you enough, leaving you unguarded, lying to you and denying you joy, peace and happiness. To God, I’m sorry, please forgive me and show me where to begin again. I love you!