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Oh what to say. I am a beautiful disaster with a poetic soul searching for the path that leaves few briars stuck in my skin. Knowing there is no perfect road and embracing the roller-coaster of a life I live with my head held high, and ready to take the world by the horns.
Besides that I am a mom of two beautiful boys that like to terrorize my soul and patience with their innocence and orneryness. Hoping to unite a friendship with someone well-written so i may share this insane story of my life with everyone.
I am almost always happily in love with my boyfriend of .....many years... and looking for a bright future together! he is an awesome strong man that I should give more credit for allowing me to run him like I do.
Those that know me well know that I have been through a great deal and that even though there are times I tried to give up these great people have kept me motivated. I can not thank you enough for that.
I hope one day to live a life of philanthropy and give back to all as if it weren't for philanthropy and kindness of complete strangers only God knows where I will be today. I am thankful for all that I have even if times I do not realize it.

I realize through errors in my ways I have pushed alot of truly great people out of my life and know that with in time I shall be forgiven.
Oh and i really love the smell of the laudry aisle :)