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Kids 4
I am 26 and a wifey to an amazing man and a mommy to 4 perfect kiddos. We have fun and LOVE our sports.

My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over 8 years and counting and are happier than ever! He is an amazing hubby and father. Since day 1 he has provided for our growing family and never complained. I am such a lucky girl to have a REAL man who takes care of his responsabilities. I am his house wife I love taking care of him and our family!
We have a 7 year big girl named Anabell! She is our big princess and is smart and amazing she picks up on things so fast! She loves to dress up and be girlie getting mani/pedis with mommy but let that fool you she is also very much a tom boy she loves to play softball and all kinds of sports.


We also have an amazing 6 year old lil girl Natalia. She is our little princess. She loves to just do her own thing but also loves to be with mommy or daddy and cuddle. She is a girlie girl to the fullest she loves dresses and dolls and anything girlie. She loves to dance and is very good at it!

We also have an amazing and energetic little prince Arturo! He is PURE BOY! He is my dare devil and always giving mommy a heart attack always getting hurt.He loves cars and sports and super heroes. As much as I would love to say he is a mommys boy he truly is daddys boy he loves to go work and fix things with him.


...and the baby of the family (literally and figurativly) Our Junior he is almost a year old and already making sure we are on his time. He was born exactly 2 weeks before his due date and also exactly 1 week before my schedueled csection. He has such a big personality and has everyone he meets wrapped around his little fingers.


There is a little of my perfect family