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catcatcrd20070529_-5_Eryn.png complete.jpgMy name is Megan and I have a beautiful daughter, Eryn. She is now 13 months old. She loves to jabber, crawl, standing and getting into everything! She loves people and loves to see new things everyday. Last Friday (27th) my daughter had a doc. appt which ended up putting her in the hospital. After being there all weekend they decided to send her to Riley Childrens Hospital. We have been having problems with Eryn's weight since about January. It all started that she was gaining a couple ounces here and there and then it went to she wasn't gaining anything staying the same and then at our last appointment she lost 8 ounces. Also at home she wasn't wanting to eat and mainly breastfeed. So, we're not sure when we get to go home. Anything else you want to know, ask.
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