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Due Sep 28, 2012 (girl)
This is me. My name is meagen, I am a first time mommy and open to any advice that anyone has to offer. I am very family orientened and love spending time with my family. I dont have many friends simply because i've been screwed over too many times and i dont trust people easily. I am very out going and usually speak my mind about anything. I love tattoo's and piercings, they are my only addiction! I also love photography and I am very artistic/crafty.
<3 I am so excited and cant wait to meet my precious baby girl!!! <3

This was one of the pictures from my first sonogram. She is s*****g her thumb already at only 18 weeks!!!

I believe in attachment an extent.
a few principles i will enforce/use with my daughter are:
- Breastfeeding
- Co Sleeping (Ensure safe sleep, physically and emotionally)
although i do not want to cause problems with SO and i's relationship
- Strive for balance in personal and family life
- Baby Wearing