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Age 29
Gender Male
Status Married
Location Japan
Due Oct 11, 2012 (girl)
In a permanent relationship.....yes, I chose 'married' rather than opting for 'domestic partnership'. We are together forever,for better or worse, and have had a marriage ceremony in a place that has legalized it. Fully aware it is not legally acknowledged where we live, but that does not matter to us or anyone that cares about us.

My husband and I finally feel we are ready to begin expanding our family and our first child together is expected in October by surrogate. We find out in late June the gender.

I love animals and am working toward my career as a veterinarian. It will happen some day, but have to get through school first. Spend as much free time as I can with my husband and our family, whether its at home together, out doing things, participating in charity events, or anything else. Love to ride horses and together we currently have 6 horses, along with a few other pets. We also like to camp and fish, but really, anything we do together is something I will enjoy.
I am very interested in martial arts and the Asian and Oriental cultures.
Most of all, I am all about my family and my friends.