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I'm a mother b4 anything else, my daughter is my life and my world, she's the reason i get up every morning and i'm so proud of my beautiful creation. I may not have much rite now, but in the morning i kno she'll be there smiling at me

My names Amanda and I have a beautiful daughter named Jasmine.I love her so much she is my life and my whole world. she stold my heart the day of conception! I'm planning on goin to school to be a social worker. I got many goals and ambitions in life and Im gonna make Damn sure i succeed in most of if not all of them so my daughter can have the best life she deserves. When i get some free time from being a mommy and working i do like to hit the bars with my girls or stay home and kick it with friends. I can't stand drama, so if your all about that don't talk to me, cuz i won't talk to you! I can be a real b***h, but most of the time i'm pretty down to earth and out going. I don't let people walk all over me and i don't put up with nonones shit! I don't give a f**k who you are, you f**k me over i'll hit you back twice as hard!! Ive put up with way to much bullshit in my life to keep dealing with it.. Im a grown ass woman so Dont come at me with no childish highschool Shit because ill laugh right in your face. I work at Walmart, it ain't the best job but its something till i'm finished with my schooling. Your life is what you make it and i know where Im going and who i wanna be in this world and Thats all that counts now a days becausee the only person you can truely rely on is yourself!!

~My Family is my life and mean more to me then anything~
~I don't give a f**k what you think of me so don't think for one second you can affect my life negatively cuz you can't~
~I hate lairs and cheaters~
~I push people out of my life when i feel threatened or hurt~
~I make the most out of my life with what i have (money isn't everything)