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My name is Breanna, Everyone calls me Bre.
I'm gunna have a BABY!!!!!

I love to be snuggled up with a blanket and my man watchin movies :)

Growing up . . .
your bestfriend becomes your worst enemy,
lollipops turn into cigarettes,
the innocent ones turn into sluts,
homework goes in the trash,
detention becomes suspension,
soda becomes vodka,
undies turn into g-strings,
and kisses turn into sex.

Remember when . . .
getting high ment swinging on the playground?
when protection meant wearing a helmet?
when the worst things you could get from boys were cooties?
your worst enemies were your siblings?
race issues were about who ran fastest?
war was only a card game?
the only drug you knew was cough medicine?
wearing a skirt didn't make you a slut?
the only things that hurt you were skinned knees?
and when goodbyes only meant until tomorrow

And to think we all couldn't wait to grow up.