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Due Dec 29, 2012 (girl)
Hey everyone.....You have reached Amanda (Mandy) Youngs n Ronald David Rash Jr.s' Facebook Page!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo Hoo lol. David And I are now engaged as of November 1st 2010. We have been together since september 12th 2008! We are VERY HAPPY :) And I hope everyone is happy for us....You all know I've been through a lot in these past few years....When I met David I stopped drinking and grew up lol. I Like to sing and dance...and kill david on killzone lol. David loves to race, play games and of course we both love to cuddle and watch movies. I am a CNA have been since 2003. David is a car fanatic and has the need for speed! We enjoy going for rides and just chillen watchin whatever is on netflix! Davids favorite saying---When the f**k did we get ice cream--- Mine is---You live for the fight when thats all that you've got-----