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Failure isn't an option!

I am married to my best friend! I am 100% absolutly in love with him! I am so proud of him for everything he has done and will do in life!! We have 2 dogs Watson (6) Rambo (4). We have recently moved to the big town on Wishek, No.Dak. and absolutly love it here! We love the slow pace and the nice people we have met so far! I love going to races, ball games of any kind, baseball is my favorite. I wish I could get every game day off so I could tailgate and be an obnoxious fan all the time. I love summer fishing, motorcycles, snowmobiles, the lake, boats, and working on my derby cars. I also love playing sports. I am very competitive and will take on just about anything. I love to try new things and change things up a bit. I love smiling and think everyone should smile! Dancing is a must have in my life. If I could do it all the time I would. I don't always dance pretty, sometimes it is really really horrible, but I have fun doing it. Irish Pubs in Korea rock. I love my finger nails, they are always painted, Feet are cute, but some people have ugly toes and I don't care to look at them. Animals are awesome. I hope my little sisters look up to me as a role model. My sisters are the best little sisters I could have. Of course my brother is awesome too! He is like my mini-me! I love playing beer pong. I love teeth! I hate small spaces. Midgets scare me. Clowns are scary. I'm afraid of getting FAT. I love Christina Aguilera, Commercials suck during my favorite shows! Messy people drive me NUTZ. I get sick from ice cream, but love to eat it. I am a country girl at heart, but have a little Hollywood inside me. I love going to the gym and feel great when I get done with a good workout! "The best sweat is the sweat dripping from your face"! My family and friends are the best anyone could ever have! I miss all my friends I have met over the years following my husband from duty station to duty station. You all know who you are! I miss you and love you all! Keep in touch! I want to Thank everyone who has served for our country. We wouldn't have what we got if it wasn't for our military! I also want to Thanks to all Military Spouses out there. That is one of the hardest jobs to have! Loves to all!