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Gender Female
Status In a Relationship
Work Stable.
Location Arizona
Interest Whatever catches my attention at the time.
Due Dec 17, 2012 (boy)
My name is Breanna; my fiance and i are expecting our first(:
..::A little about me::..
_My favorite color combination is pink and black
__I'm a Leo (Confident, Stubborn, Loyal etc.)
___I'm very opinionated.
____Cream Soda=Heaven<3
_____Fam[ily] always comes first.
______I'm a free spirit &I love to dance &laugh
_______I hate wearing shoes.
________I am the worst cook ever. I tend to burn everything. lol
__________I love getting all dolled up.
___________I have an intense love for cake batter flavored ice cream<3
____________Music is my escape.
_____________I'll respect your thoughts an opinions and long as you respect mine.