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i am me and no one will change that. the only thing people can change about me is my attitude, but i keep that under as much control as i as a personally can.

~Nii ndushiinzi Crystal Greene- means My name is Crystal Greene.~ ~Nii noonjiiyayii Meshoppen means-I am from Meshoppen.~ I am a Native American lady who is who she is & proud of it! Im the type who is not afraid 2 tell people how it is. I like 2 meet new people & love 2 learn about them. I am who i am, if u dont like it, oh well. ~Anushiik Kiisheelumukweengw eelu miiluyeengw yoon kway kiishkwihk. Anushiik, Anushiik, Anushiik, Anushiik, Aho.~ the words in these things ~~ are in the Munsee Delaware Language and mean: Thank you Creator for giving us this day. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Aho.