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My name is Nichelle (Nikki or Nicole) Im in school for accounting at Mitchell and will be graduating in June 2012 with my associates, I plan to further my education at UNCC and obtain my bach. in Criminal Justice so that I can pursie forensic accounting. Im not the hardest person to get along with but I am the hardest to get to know. There are things about myself that I dont understand and I dont expect others to either. I live for everyday because tomorrow is never promised. I dont believe in love and maybe it because I have never had a real love of my own. Im not looking for anyone because I feel as good as a woman as I am God will bless me when the time is right. I have my flaws and I dont mind anyone pointing them out because there is always room for improvement. Im not perfect and I dont expect anyone i meet to be either. I perfect honesty, respect, faithfulness, and sincerity because that is all I would want from the peopel who choose to socialize with me. I cant imagine my life in another persons footsteps so I fulfill my own shoes. Anything else, HMU! ! ! !