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Hello!! My name is Elsie and my beautiful daughter is Shylee Rose!! She's just my whole little world! :) She's breastfed and primarily cloth diapered. ( I have my lazy days) She only eats organic and home made baby food. I like to know what she's eating and be able to trust she's only getting the good stuff. I feel like she enjoys watching auras and talking to her angels and I plan to keep her in touch with those capabilities. So many children are taught to abandon their spiritual capabilities, just imagine the wonderful things they are missing out on. When was the last time you gave a tree a hug? They are our fellow beings and are starved for our affection :(. My favorite memories are searching the forest for faeries with my grandmother. Call me crazy, it's ok :) I happen to have the most amazing daughter I could even dream of having!! She's so in tune to her environment and the energies around her, it blows my mind!! I'm a very strong believer in breastfeeding, every parent wants the best for their child, so why not give it to them? I suffer from minor anxiety and panic disorder. I feel it occurs when negative energies are strong around me. I tend to be very sensitive to other people energy and pick up on their vibes. It can be a curse and a blessing all in one. I wish society could lose it's stereo typical mentality and see our universe for the beautiful blessing it truly is!! I don't give it a name but I believe in a higher power. It is full of love and light. I believe in miracles!! My baby is the best one I've had yet to experience :) Shylee Rose Lynne Williams was born on July 27th, 2012 at 7lbs 1oz. She's absolute perfection!! Feel free to parent tank me or ask me anything!! I love to help people!! I'm currently taking classes and the necessary steps to one day become a certified nurse mid-wife. I believe the cycle and creation of life should be a natural process!! I'm not as good to our mother Earth as I'd like to be :( but I consider her well-being in most everything I do. Nobody can be perfect. I don't particularly like judgmental parents. I won't participate in the "my baby is better" game. I, do however, struggle with not being judgmental, myself, but always keep my opinion to myself, unless it is wanted. Id love to know more parents with the same parenting methods!! I love gaining knowledge and learning new things!!
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My baby Girl. Shylee Rose Lynne Williams <3 She's my everything!!

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Loved my belly
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And then there was a Shylee Bug :) <3
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Shylee's Daddy Charlee AKA the other love of my life :)
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My amazing, wonderful, crazy beautiful baby girl
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love breastfeeding!!
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