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You probably already know my name & everything else.I have a beautiful babygirl named Layla, born December 31, 2012 at 6:20 PM. She's my angel and I couldn't ask for more. Hoping to have at least one more later on down the road, but right now this is all I need. I love you Justin Lasseter! I couldn't ask for a better man to be a father to my child. I'm from Bainbridge, Ga, but moved from that hell hole. I was born August the 9th, a summer child, & a Leo. A Leo at heart,mind, & soul. I'm a very caring person, & loving at that, but I have a dark side too. Looks don't tell you everything. My halo is held up by horns. I love pizza, pepperoni the most, extra cheese please! My fave color is black& blue. I love music, writing,drawing & reading... My favorite is singing. Yes, I am taken, so back off guys & I'm engaged to the best guy ever, Justin Brent Lasseter! Hes my heart, soul, & life. My other half. I"m a nice,sweet, & cool person, until you piss me off... & then you really wont like me. Well any ?'s or comments just hit me up & ask, or say, don't be shy.

One other thing is don't fuck with my family or friends & we wont have a problem either.... My family & friends mean a lot to me, & my hero's are my mom, my sis Rebekah, My hubby, my cousin Christina, Maryann Pearson, & my dad(RIP)... I love them all, & too many to list lol. & I'm with the greatest guy I could ever be with... I love him so fuckin much, & you fuck with my man, I will cut you to iddy biddy pieces ok? I don't play stupid childish games, I hate drama, & fuckin shit talkers, & my most hated type of people is two faced back stabbing bitches. If your those type, stay the fuck away from me. So if your wanting to play those childish games, go find someone else to play them with.