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You probably already know my name & everything else.I have a beautiful babygirl named Layla, born December 31, 2012 at 6:20 PM. She's my angel and I couldn't ask for more. Hoping to have at least one more later on down the road, but right now this is all I need. I love you Justin Lasseter! I couldn't ask for a better man to be a father to my child. I'm from Bainbridge, Ga, but moved from that hell hole. I was born August the 9th, a summer child, & a Leo. A Leo at heart,mind, & soul. I'm a very caring person, & loving at that, but I have a dark side too. Looks don't tell you everything. My halo is held up by horns. I love pizza, pepperoni the most, extra cheese please! My fave color is black& blue. I love music, writing,drawing & reading... My favorite is singing. Yes, I am taken, so back off guys & I'm engaged to the best guy ever, Justin Brent Lasseter! Hes my heart, soul, & life. My other half. I"m a nice,sweet, & cool person, until you piss me off... & then you really wont like me. Well any ?'s or comments just hit me up & ask, or say, don't be shy.

One other thing is don't f**k with my family or friends & we wont have a problem either.... My family & friends mean a lot to me, & my hero's are my mom, my sis Rebekah, My hubby, my cousin Christina, Maryann Pearson, & my dad(RIP)... I love them all, & too many to list lol. & I'm with the greatest guy I could ever be with... I love him so fuckin much, & you f**k with my man, I will cut you to iddy biddy pieces ok? I don't play stupid childish games, I hate drama, & fuckin shit talkers, & my most hated type of people is two faced back stabbing b***hes. If your those type, stay the f**k away from me. So if your wanting to play those childish games, go find someone else to play them with.