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Rest In Peace my baby Cohen! Even tho you were with me for 7 AMAZING weeks, God had bigger plans for you and wanted you back home. Mommy loves you and tho i never got to feel you kick, see your face, or hold you in my arms, i'll never forget you!

Well, lets see...I blew out 27 birthday candles on May5th! Im engaged to Thomas Musso, we've been together for 10 years on May 11th. We had a BEAUTIFUL little girl on Oct.7th, 2004, Carolyn Joy, who is our EVERTHING! We love her unconditionally! My mom is my best friend...always there for me when i need advice, to vent and cry(which is alot! LOL) and just to sit down and talk to! Shes VERY easy to talk to and shes just simply AMAZING! I also just recently found my father...i was so concerned he wouldnt want anything to do with me but i was sooo wrong. He wants to be a part of my life and get to know me...which is the best feeling in the world! Tho i dont know him all that well just yet, i love him very much and thank God everyday that he brought us together!!! I also have a brother and 2 sisters...Zachary(21) is such a great person, so kind and absolutely the life of the party! Hes such a great father to my niece Kaylee...and fiance to Ashley! She lucked out with him!! LOL!!! And i also found out i have 2 sisters...i always wanted a sister so that wish was granted...tho their young,(one is 4 and one is 5) i hope to get to know them and they look up to their big sister! Anything else you want to know, please feel free to ask me!!! So until then...peace, love and happiness to you and your family!!!