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This is my very first pregnancy ever and I am so excited and nervous at the same time..We have heard the babys heart beat twice, Ive been to 2 visits with the OB..Our next visit we find out what we are having, and I cant wait to know Im havinga girl! lol..We are currently not married, but we are living together and have this baby together..Other people stress it so much that we need to be married to be happy with our child..To that I say that I am already extremely happy, and I dont need marriage to make me happy..You are suppose to be happy with yourself before you bring anything else into the matter, and I am very happy with my situation...I have morning sickness and headaches just about every day still, and I am just over 3 months along..I still always feel very exhausted, but Im hoping it will lighten up in the second trimaster..I just keep reminding myself that I will have the most precious gift at the end of all of this, and thats what keeps me going! :)