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Hi!! I'm 22. I'm married been married since July 18.2009. I have a beautiful step daughter named Paige Marie Lashley shes 4! She was born May 18,2007. For everybody that knows or don't know me I AM A SOON TO BE MOMMY:)) Found out April 23rd we are having a baby my due date is December 24th of 2012.Me and my husband are very happy!!! :) I'm very outspoken and will tell you straight up how it is! I HAVE NO CLOSE FRIENDS CAUSE IN THE END THEY TREAT YOU LIKE SHIT ANYWAY AND ONLY USE YOUR ASS WHEN THEY NEED SOMETHING SO I SAY THE HELL WITH IT!!! SO I HAVE MANY FRIENDS :) Been thru a lot of shit in my 22 years but don't want any sympathy because going thru it all made me who i am today.... I don't care what you have to say about me but don't be a pansy and do it behind my back cause it just pisses me off even more... I might be big but this b***h can give a beat down.. So think twice on what you say... I carry my own weight :) I don't play games with the husbands ex's if he loved you then why's he married to me? it's that simple so leave it at that :) Don't put up with fake people which i have delt with plenty in my life and that's why your not in my life now! :) Were not in high school anymore!!! I DO BELIEVE in second chances but f**k me over the 3rd time your done :) Wanna know anymore get at me :)