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I think you could describe me as a home town girl with a wild side. I LOVE any thing that keeps me active and going.I don'T believe in diets because I love food way to much. But self control is always a good thing. I am a mother of a Beautiful daughter(Mckenna-K 23 months) and pregnant with my second A BOY!!!!. . She reminds me to stay grounded live active and never live with any regrets. Your past is what makes you who you are. Witch is very important for me to teach them. my fav quote is: "my mother didnt tell me how to live she showed me" we all learn very important facts in life and it is up to us as parents to teach our kids thous things.( this will never stop them from makeing there own mistakes but to know they are not and will never be the only ones is a good value to install in there brains:) i love snowbording. its the second thing best to takeing care of my daughter & growing my tiney son:) i just started but I wount stop!! Addicted? probably if there was enough snow. im not a gambler. its pointless to throw away your money or any one elses for that matter. but you could prob catch me playn bingo with the old folks. I prefer to sit by the older ones they they can dobb my card for me when i make a mistake. guess that pholosiphy goes well with all aspects of life.