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Age 19
Gender Female
Status Single
Location Japan
Due Sep 28, 2012 (boy)
Age?: 15
Occupation?: Full time mummy <3
Pre-Pregnancy Weight?: 60kg
How far along are you?: 25th week
Current Weight?: 83kg
Is this your first pregnancy?: Yes
How many children do you want to have?: 1
Do you like being pregnant?: Loving it
Have you had any morning sickness?: Not much
Any mood swings?: All the time
Do you feel you have a stronger sense of smell?: No
Have you had any swelling in your hands or feet?: No
Have you had any aches or pains yet?:yes
What is the one thing you miss about not being pregnant?: drinking
What one thing makes up for it?:Feeling him kick around
Have you bought anything for baby yet?: So much
What do you believe are your strengths as a mother?: im his personal b***h
Are you excited?: Yes.
What are you most excited for?: Holding him in my arms
About Dad:
Name?: Lowlife
Age?: 18
Occupation?: Dead Beat
Relationship with you?: None
How long have you known dad?: year or so
Does he have any other children? Names & Ages?:no
How many children does he want to have?: Dont know
What's his favorite pastime?: drinking
Has he bought anything for baby yet?: Absolutley nothing.
Will he take any time off work to help you?: Nope.
What do you believe are his strengths as a dad?: None.
Is he excited?: he doesnt know.
What do you think he is most excited for?: getting out of jail
Your Pregnancy So Far: . . . . .
When did you find out you were pregnant?: febuary 6thish
Who was with you?: My aunty
Were you trying to get pregnant? If so, for how long?: Wasnt trying
Do you have a guess when and where your baby was conceived. not a clue.
How far along were you when you found out?: 8 weeks and 4 days.
What kind of pregnancy test did you take?:one that told u how far along u were then a Blood and urine.
How many tests did you take?: 1
What was your first reaction?: didnt have one
What was the dads first reaction?: not a clue
Who did you first tell the good news to?: my mum
What were your parents reactions?: My mum was shocked and my dad gave me a dnm.
Would you ever consider having an abortion?: no
Who is your doctor? What hospital will you go to?: Dr hussain and not sure
How far along were you at your first doctor appointment?: 8 weeks n 4 days
Have you heard the baby's heartbeat?: Yes
Have you had any ultrasounds?: Yes
Will you have any 3D/4D ultrasounds?: no
Have you had any complications with this pregnancy? Not yet.
Girl or Boy?: Boy.
Have you picked out any names yet? If so, what are they?: Charlee
Do you have any pregnant friends?: ALOT.
Have you felt any movement yet?: yes
Has dad felt any movement yet?: Nope
Do you or dad ever talk to baby?: I do/
When did you really first start to show?: not sure
Have any stretch marks?: so many -.-
Have you had any braxton-hicks contractions yet?: Not yet
Has dad made any midnight runs for you yet? If so, what for?: Nope.
Any baby shower plans?: my cousens organising it
Have you registered any where?: Nope
What was the first thing bought for baby?: clothes
Are you going to take any birthing classes?: not sure
Are you reading any pregnancy, baby, childcare books?: just googling things
What is the best part about being pregnant?: feeling him move around and kick
What is the worst part?: when i get sick
What are you most nervous about?: birth
When is your next doctor appointment?: 3rd of july
Birth Plans...
At home or at a hospital?: hospital.
Vaginal or C-Section?: Vaginal
Natural or Medicated?: Medicated.
Will you be induced?: Hope not.
Who will be in the delivery room with you?: my aunty and not sure
Are you going to have a "doula"?: dont know what that is
What couple of things will you be sure to have with you?: phone & charger and baby things
What do you think will annoy you during delivery?: the nurse saying its ok one more etc
Are you going to take pictures or videotape?: Pictures.
Will dad cut the cord? god no.
What is your opinion on circumcision?: nooo.
Will any relatives come in from out of town?: Don't know yet.
Are you scared?: Not really.
What are you most scared about?: Nothing
When the baby is here:
What is baby's coming home outfit?: Not sure yet.
Will you come home as soon as you can?: not sure
What is the best thing about being in the hospital?: the beds are so comfy
What is the worst thing about being in the hospital?: Always being bugged.
What is the best thing about coming home?: being in my own bed
What is the nursery's theme?: doesnt have one
What is your favorite thing in the nursery?: his cot
Will you breastfeed or formula feed?: Both
What can't you wait for most?: to hold my boy