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I am a SAHM, I have two sweet little girls. My oldest was born in April ,and My youngest was born in November. I had them both naturally and they we're the cutest babies ever! :) lol My life would be so boring without them! I am a nursing mommy I , am pro-life, I love Jesus, the color pink, cotton candy, sherbert, riding my horse, spoiling my little girls:), shopping, chick flicks, cooking, taking pictures, gardening, going to florida and sitting on the beach :) etc etc Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love the Christmas lights, the decorations, and I love buying presents for my family! 68719884873_d4FlSYGb.jpg

Some of my favorite quotes
~Be careful who you open up to, only a few care, the rest are just curious.
~Don't worry about the people talking behind your back, it just means your ahead of them.
~I have decided to be happy, for it is good for my health.
~In memory of my sweet sister who is waiting for me in Heaven. I love you and miss you like crazy! I can't wait until I get to see you and give you a hug again!