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Age 23
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work in progress
Location Fort Walton Beach, Florida
Interest Art, Spirituality, Zelda, ect.
Due Nov 29, 2012 (girl)
I'm a cancer to the core, expecting my first kid soon. I've got two semesters of college under my belt and am hellbent on finishing my degree. I'm expecting a baby girl on ~Nov 30th. I'm engaged to a very loving and patient man (patient with my moodswings at least). As freaked out as I was at first about being pregnant, I'm so happy that I finally have the opportunity to start a family. I don't have regrets about getting pregnant before 25 (which was "my plan" [haha]) because I've lived more than most in the years I've survived lol. I'm very spiritual (not religious) and I've always had a passion for art. Check out my profile at: http://ieelleme.deviantart.com/