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Due Oct 13, 2012 (girl)
Heyy im Tianna ! im 20 years old and currently 37 weeks pregnant with my first child (girl). This year has definitely been a rollercoaster for me and this pregnancy has been tough but i believe it will all be worth it once i see my pretty baby girls face:) i am in a relationship, but my boyfriend is not the father of my baby . we met when i was already about 2 months pregnant but i hadnt found out yet. when i did find out, i was an emotional wreck because i thought i was going to loose a good guy, but i wouldnt kill my baby over a man. ever. but to my surprise he wanted to stay in the picture and be the father figure to her. needless to say, it made the whole experience alot less stressful! he's wonderful & he does everything to make me feel comfortable even if it makes him uncomfortable. i love him!