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My name is Cathy, im 30 happy married to John and have a wonderful boy named John who is 8 and i wouldn't trade them for even a million bucks! Been married for 7 years coming up on april 30th and together for 13 years. I really enjoy living out in the middle of nowhere i like the peace and quite, only thing i hate is when people try to party in an empty field and get all loud! I hate drama and i don't like when dramas around me, please keep your drama away. If i dont know you well i dont talk that much till i get to know ya then i dont know how to shut my mouth i;ll talk your ears off!!!!
I love the summer cause i can have summer bonfires with friends and family on the weekends and have a pool so thats more fun - hate the winter cause i hate being cold. My lil boy is in the 2nd grade thankfully he loves school. I am expecting my 2nd child on November 14th i just hope everything goes nice and smooth and the baby turns out fine. i don't remember worrying like this the 1st time when i was pregnant.