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Age 23
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Location Japan
Due Oct 22, 2012
The name is Cordelia people call me Cordi ; )
Hughes is my maiden name && Ray is the name
I stole from my hubby cause he stole my heart! : )
I'm 18 years old, I graduated from Montgomery County High
Senior Class of 2010 : )
My husband is my everything, my hero! <3
He is a United States Sailor, I could not be more proud.
I come from a large family, 6 amazing siblings..
Not to mention a BEAUTIFUL niece! : )
My Dad is also my hero, I am a Daddy's Girl..
I am becoming closer to my Mom than I ever have been && I'm greatful!
I call my close friends sis : ) so if I call you sis, feel special! : )
Currently I am in college for Criminal Justice! : )
I worked at Berrymans Tastee Treat for almost 3 years, sure do miss it!!
I am now employeed at Wal-Mart training to be a pharmacy tech.
Born in Ohio, but KY is where home will always be. <3
That is all for now! : ) <3