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Age 23
Gender Unspecified
Status Not Saying
Location Japan
Due Oct 31, 2012
:Kristen Anna-Lisha Reyes
:Married to Steven Reyes since June 12, 2010.
:We're expecting a little monkey Nov 1st, ITS A BOY!
:I drive a red Ford Mustang & I love it :)
:I enjoy playing with my niece and nephews Aniyah, Ricardo & Jah'maurie, there the 3 coolest kids you will ever meet, and boy do they have a temper on them but that is what makes them unique :D
:I love tattoos, there is just something more to them than just ink on skin, its an art form that is taken advantage of.
:Electronics are my thing, put some sort of electronic device in front of me and i can figure everything out about it that there is too
:I have 2 sisters that I hold dear in my heart, Tawny & Princess, yes we argue sometimes but we love eachother <3 .
:Food Network & Cooking channel are my thing, I can sit down and watch it all day.
:I love God & talking to people about him.
:Thats it for now :)